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Sharlyn's Newsletter # 9

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Sharlyn Hidalgo’s Newsletter # 9, December, 2012

Announcing my next trip to Egypt:
September 27th – October 11th, 2013. I am so excited to be able to offer this trip again. We will have private time at the Sphinx, the Temple of Isis at Philae Island, the Temple of Edfu, and a final private culminating ceremony within the Great Pyramid.  We will travel down the Nile on a luxurious boat made especially for spiritual journeys that has room for 16. This is really a trip of a life time. Email me at or go to my website at for more information.

Tree Readings by skype or phone or in person:
I will check in with the trees and share a message for you.  Do you have a pertinent question or concern? $25.00

Give a holiday gift of a Tarot Reading or Astrology Update:
Tarot: $55 special (usually $80), Astrology$75 special (usually $100) These can be done in person, by phone, or via skype.

New classes are to be announced in January
The Luis Rowan Month:
I am experiencing life these days as a free fall. I find little footing for grounding. It is almost as if I am forced to practice hovering, and moving through things via flying versus being planted upon the earth as I am used to. There is so much change and so much information, the best I can do is to know that it is not a time that I can land. Hovering is a skill that feels difficult until you’ve had quite a bit of practice.
The featured tree is the Luis (loo-ish or l’weesh) Rowan. The Rowan is a great tree for astral travel and setting some time aside for ecstasy.  It’s time to read or write poetry, paint a picture, listen to music, sing, or gather together in ritual. Light a candle and take time to be in the silence.  It is also the time to seek counsel or guidance and use your divination tools.
This tree can grow on the sides of mountains and can sprout in crevices and other unlikely places. Her teaching by example is to not give up when obstacles block our growth; she says keep going and don’t give up.  She represents our indomitable life force.  Interacting with the healing energies of this tree strengthens our positive life energies and encourages our desire to use our personal power for creating good things in the world. She encourages enthusiasm and the creative pursuit of our goals.
Her totems are the horse and the centaur Chiron, the wounded healer.  Ask Chiron to help you understand your body symptoms. They may actually be a message.
Rowan rules over the portal of December and the astrological sign of Sagittarius which is ruled by the lucky and enthusiastic planet Jupiter. Rowan also offers a strong protective energy.  Give the Rowan a blast of your gratitude. I love this beautiful little tree and I hope that you will go out and make friends with her.
Here is a story I wrote about the Rowan that is in my new book: Ceremonies and Stories to Accompany the Healing Power of Trees. I will be self-publishing this book.
When I began my tree studies, I would seek out each tree in the Celtic Tree Calendar and sit with it, draw it, gather its leaves and branches, and intuit its teachings.  But when it came to Rowan, I didn't know what one looked like.  I looked the tree up in the library and in my encyclopedia (before the days of the internet), so I had a general idea of what I was looking for.  I looked as I walked, and as I drove, but I just couldn't seem to find one.  I had a clear picture of the distinct leaf pattern, and the little red or orange berries with the pentacle at the puckered end.  I was on the hunt, but I was frustrated.  I looked and looked without success.
One day I was in the backyard wondering where I was going to find a Rowan tree.  I then noticed a tree that had leaves and berries just like Rowan.  Then it hit me!  Here was a Rowan, right in my own backyard.  Here was such a lesson.  One can look far and wide, but what one seeks, can only be found close to home, i.e. in myself! 
The little tree in my yard shared much with me.  I have had lots of talks with my Rowan.  But usually she reminds me that the answers are within myself.  The magic of finding her in my yard was so delightful and so unexpected.  She has indeed charmed me, and encouraged me to believe in miracles and to include the mystery and magical in everything I do.  She reminds me that astral travel is possible not only in my dreams, but when I take the time to meditate or go within. 
There are many dimensions, and guides and helpers.  In meditation I picture my Rowan tree and I always hail the horse of my astral travels, and the centaur Chiron.  Chiron reminds me that my body is holy. He is forever providing me wisdom through my body if I will just listen.  The berries of the Rowan with their little pentacles of protection remind me that it is a blessing to be in a body upon this planet at this time.  I give great thanks for winter, the wisdom of my body, for the wisdom of the ancients, and for the teachings of Gaia and her trees. I am ever grateful to the little Rowan tree that was right in my own backyard.
I send holiday greetings to each and every one of you and am so grateful for your interest and support. Best, Sharlyn

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