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Alchemical Healing Arts

Sharlyn Hidalgo’s Newsletter # 10, February 2013

Dearest Friends,

I send you greetings from Seattle! I am well and business is good. I am ever happy and satisfied in offering healing services that I see brighten and encourage others. I want to thank each of you for your love and support! There is still room in some of my classes and groups. Please email me at for more information or go to my website at

The FIRST WEDNESDAY HEALER’S GROUP was really successful. We nailed down our offerings, times, dates, and place for doing our healing work and we offered each other lots of support for working towards our goals. We have room for more healers who want this support and coaching. We meet on again on March 6th. If you are interested please rsvp and if you would like a free healing please let me know. You will be happy you made the effort! Cost is $25 per meeting.

The SECOND WEDNESDAY DRUID APPRENTICESHIP PROGRAM still has room in it. We meet again next Wednesday on February 13, and again on March 13. This is a year-long study program. I am really happy and enthused with this group as we follow the native European Wheel of the Year, and learn about ritual, ceremony, and a workable meaningful earth based spiritual practice. We are having lots of fun. There is still room to join us.

TAROT IN DEPTH CLASS: Monday afternoons:  noon – 2: Feb. 11, 18, 25 and Mar. 4. $100

SOLAR RETURN ASTROLOGY CLASS: Monday evenings: 7– 9, Feb. 11, 18, 25, and Mar. 4. $100

PLAY DATE FOR YOUR SOUL: Saturday, Feb. 23: 1– 4. $45  Art, mandalas, wand making, begin making your own tarot deck…. Write in your journal, reflect, meditate, or do art work. Listen to lovely music and make time for your soul in sacred space.

I am offering a MAGICAL MYSTICAL TOUR TO EGYPT: Sept. 27 – Oct. 11th, 2013. Email me for more information.

FEBRUARY SPECIALS: 10 % off of all services except the in depth Astrology reports.

Again I know that many of you do not live in Seattle but if you would like to schedule a class with me we can do it over skype or the phone.  These forms of communication actually work very well.

I am almost complete with my e-book which is an addendum to The Healing Power of Trees and offers my personal stories about the trees along with ceremonies that honor the trees and the Celtic holidays. This book also includes The Dolphin Scrolls which are encouraging transmission from the etheric Dolphins. Let me know if you will want a copy. The cost will be $15.

FEBRUARY: This month is the portal for the Willow Tree (Jan. 24 – Feb. 20) and her totems are the bees for the collective and the idea of cooperative collaboration, and the dove which teaches us to create peace through our everyday words, actions, feelings, and thoughts. This is a good time to gather with others and make prayers for peace.

The Willow offers us time to consider the feminine principle of unconditional love, forgiveness, receptivity, and our emotional nature. She also asks us to honor the waters on the planet and our own cleansing tears.

There is a new book out by my friend Kathryn Ravenwood entitled How to Create Sacred Water: A Guide to Rituals and Practices that you might find a most wonderful addition to your healing practices.  It is published by Bear & Company. Kathryn offers a practice from full moon to full moon that creates high vibration water that can be used to heal the waters of the planet.  Her story is wonderful.

The goddess of the Willow and this portal is Brigit, the maiden, who is our muse and encourages us to be creative and hopeful, innocent, and enthusiastic. She creates the spark of magic that causes the seed to begin to grow after its long winter’s nap, and she is the spark that lights our own inner fire and passions.

Make some time to light candles, listen to uplifting music, and make your prayers for the healing of the planet and all her relations.  Make some time for inner reflection, art or poetry, journal writing, and entering the silence where you can communicate with the small voice within and your own divinity for guidance. Brigit may come to you in a vision. Seek her council.

Then we enter the portal of the Ash Tree (Feb. 21- Mar. 20) and here we open to the energies of this “world tree.”  Her totems are the dolphin, and other sea creatures, the Hanged Man of the Tarot, and the Three Fates. The oracles are also honored. The Ash is also a water tree and the planet Neptune and the sign Pisces are honored. This is a time for guided meditation, journal writing, contacting oracles and guides and paying attention to your dreams.  The greatest teaching of this tree is unity consciousness. Seek higher dimensions of love and understanding and make time for spiritual groups and community ceremonies that encourage peace, love, and unity. Go within in silence.


I want to introduce you to Suzanne Regan Lentz who works in the south end of Capital Hill in Seattle. She is an awesome energy intuitive, healer, and herbalist and is a former student of mine.  

Her office is at Union Center for Healing, 2100 East Union Street, Seattle WA 98122
Sundays: 10am-5pm, Appointments can be made online at
(206) 240-2403,
etsy shop:

 Jamie Luce who owns Cedar Wisdom Healing and Skincare is also a past student of mine and she uses a gentle healing approach. Jamie is a Reiki Master and Alchemical Healer and she works out of her home in Mukilteo for those of you in the north area of Seattle as well as Edmonds, Kenmore, Bothell, Mukilteo, or Everett. Jamie can be contacted at
She is available for 40 minute complementary phone sessions
on Mondays from 4pm-8pm PST. She is offering this free service as her give-away. This will be offered for a limited time, so take her upon it.

She also has openings for “in person sessions” for women clients in her home on Wednesday evenings from 4pm-8pm. Suggested donation $50 dollars for a 50 minute healing session or energy facial.

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