Sunday, September 1, 2013

The First Day of September

What a beautiful day it is today in Seattle and here it is the first day of September. It is still very hot today in the Pacific Northwest and there is hardly a wind at all and no clouds. I give my gratitude for one of the most beautiful summers we have had here in a long time. We are still collecting the little tomatoes and the zucchinis from our garden.  I have so enjoyed having the garden with the lettuce, onions, and raspberries. It is always hard to say goodbye to it in the fall.

I plan on writing more often and getting back to my work. But I must confess that I have been lazy and just "being" after such a huge expansion for the last few years: writing and publishing the tree book, traveling to Egypt, interviewing and writing my book on Mohamed Nazmy and Quest Travel, leading my own tour to Egypt in May of 2012, and working on other projects as well plus teaching and doing charts, tarot readings, and offering energetic healings.

Look to see me sharing more here on my blog. Love to each of you!

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