Saturday, October 31, 2020

Samhain, 2020: Just a quick note. Can't wait until the election is over!!! I am voting for Biden and Harris.

Stil locked down in Seattle ... since March. Yet still willing to social distance and wear a face mask and continue to wash my hands. Still it is not easy. I miss hugs and visits.

My new novel will be out in December on Amazon. It is called The Pharaoh's Daughter: A Spiritual Sojourn - The Healing Power of Past, Present, and Future Lives in Egypt. I am excited to get this out and am in the last stages of publishing. People who have previewed it have liked it a lot.  Their kind words have made me happy.

Another book about the last 10 ogham of the Celtic Tree Alphabet will be out in the spring. Glad that Llewellyn will publish this. 

Sending love out to all of you and thank you again for your support. Sharlyn

Thursday, October 31, 2019

Samhain, 2019, Seattle: It is a crisp cold day here in the northwest and a perfect dry day for Halloween trick or treaters. I had the honor last Monday, of running a ceremony for this last holiday as we travel through the Wheel of the Year and we honored our ancestors, and our recent loved ones and pets that have crossed the veil. We were surprised to find those on the other side eager to celebrate with us. They were full of dance and song and joy. No drab, sullen, or dark energies. Just the fun of all getting together! That was a lovely surprise.

Tomorrow begins the Celtic New Year. November begins the portal of the Birch and new beginnings. Let go of what was, and open to the new.  No regrets. Self forgiveness. Time to move forward with gratitude.

Just announcing that I will be starting another year's teaching of the Celtic Trees beginning on November 18th here in Seattle. Let me know if you are interested and are in the area.

Sending love and joy to all of you on this most blessed day! Sharlyn

Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Hello Dear Friends,
Spring is upon us and I am glad for the return of the sun. Everything here in Seattle is blooming. It is a delight to see all of the new growth, and interact with the beauty all around me.  Happy spring to each of you!

I have been preparing another book for publishing so it has been awesome to come full circle to the 25 ogham of the Celtic Tree Alphabet. I have created ceremonies and stories for the first 15 ogham which is referred to as the Celtic Tree Calendar. I have also been working on the last 10 ogham which usually aren't included in the calendar.

The stories are full of the healing that has come to me through my connections and communications with the unseen realm and the Otherworld, that place of mystery. I am happy to demonstrate through my stories that the love and healing from these mysterious realms is real and available.

The ancient people of the British Isles knew this. And so their teachings, mythology, and lore are full of stories of interactions with ancestors, their beloved dead, and totems, guides, and gods and goddesses. The veil between the world is thin, and there is help and support and guidance if we but ask.  This is why I love working with the Celtic Tree teachings.

With the Turning of the Wheel we have embraced Imbolc on February 1st and the Spring Equinox/ Ostara on March 20th this year.  We show our gratitude to the Imbolc goddess Brigid and the Willow tree, and the fertility goddess of Ostara and the Ash and Hawthorn. I am looking forward to Beltane on May 1st. Here we will honor the maiden goddesses of spring and the steady Oak. The maiden and mother goddesses are all sending love, prosperity, and abundance as we approach the news growing season. Can you find a Willow, Ash, Hawthorn, or Oak in your neighborhood? Get outside and say hello.

The Ohn/ Furze or Gorse, the Ur/ Healther/ Mistletoe, and the Uilleand/ Honeysuckle all come forward to be honored at this time of year as well. They add beauty, fragrance, and color to our world and offer hopefulness, healing, and light. Get outside and take a look. See if you can find them growing in your neighborhood.

It has been a dark cold winter and the news and political situation has been just as dark and cold. The sun returning brings in the light and inspiration and I for one need it desperately this year.  I invite in healing and unity consciousness. I let go of my need to judge and hate. I invoke the beauty of the buds and flowers and  the bees and the birds. I forgive myself and others. My prayer and intention is to begin a new with a clean slate of loving intention. I bring my presence to each situation, to each person, to each day....

I offer to you a loving and supportive day. I send you kindness and compassion. I am grateful that my work offers you something meaningful. I find so much strength and steadiness in the teachings of the trees. I find them so very sturdy and constant and yet adaptive.  I try to be the same.

On that note, I end my spring hello. Another year of promise. It is time to plant those seeds to create good, sweetness, community, beauty, and love. Be
mindful of what you are creating with your thoughts, your feelings, and your choices.  Keep rising towards the light. Give your gratitude. Write a poem, sing a song, take a walk, smile at a stranger, and express your joy. You are magnificent and were created to create.

Sending you each much love and light, Sharlyn

Thursday, January 25, 2018

January Inights

Can't believe it is January. I am recovering from a serious physical blow because of taking the antibiotic Cipro in May. The side affects are horrible and I am glad that they have placed a black box warning on this drug as it should only be used for a life threatening infection. All floroquinolene antibiotics have a huge risk. Needless to say I have been out of commission, and am just getting back on my feet.

I taught a lovely tarot class at the beginning of the monthand enjoyed it immensely. I just finished a companion book to go with my book The Healing Power of Trees and am waiting to see if it will be picked up for publication. If not I will publish it on my own. Also completed a historical fiction entitled The Daughter of Unas. It is about past lives in Egypt and involves one women's journey to  meet her past and complete her karma. It was fun to write. Can't believe I am done! Now for proof reading and finding a publisher.

I told myself I would finish these two projects before moving on to new things. There is a journey to Ireland in May I am considering. I have wanted very much to get back to the British Isles. Haven't been there since I was 24.

Today I had an interview on Zoom with a lovely woman who lives in Canada who uses my tree meditations. Her name is Sarah Marie Thompson and I so enjoyed talking with her. I was touched to know that my work is helpful to others. Yahoo!

Sending love and light out to each of you. Best, Sharlyn

Monday, October 30, 2017

Here is a Samhain Meditation for you!

Close your eyes and settle into the darkness. (Turn off the lights.) Think about loved pets, relatives, and friends that have passed over. Send them your love and appreciation. Think of the happy times that you shared. Feel you love and affection for them that you still hold strong in your heart. Long pause….

You may feel them very close to you, just beyond that very thin veil. Do you recognize them? Do they recognize you? Send them your love. They send love back to you. They tell you how much they care about you and appreciate you. Feel this, really take it in.

Hear the meows of your cats and the barks of your dogs. Hear the sounds of the other animals that you have cared for. Can you feel their gratitude?  Know that they are here and that they communicate with you. Are you willing to hear them and listen?  Take a moment with this….

Your relatives and friends are also here and they send you great love. They feel total joy to see you again. Take a moment to greet each one. They may have things they want to say to you in love and support. Take a moment with this….

When you are ready say your good-byes and know that you are never really separated from these souls. Begin to gently come back to the room and ground and center. When you are ready open your eyes.  

Write down your experiences in your journal. Say outloud the names of your loves ones; write them down. Gather together pictures of those that have passed: friends, relatives, and pets. Think about each picture and give your gratitude as you remember. They say that saying the names outloud of those who have crossed the veil keeps them alive!

Blessings to each of you on this Samhain, 2017. May it be full of healing!

Thursday, April 13, 2017

Hello.  Plans for Egypt in three weeks are in the works, and I can't wait to get to my second home with a group of like minded folks.  Seattle has been so rainny and overcast for months and months that I can hardly believe there is sun somewhere.  I am in need of a spiritual pilgrimage and renewal!

Blue Angel Publications has printed Tree Cards for me and they are beautiful. Check out the deck on Amazon: Celtic Tree Oracle. Should be available in the States in June. I will be presenting them at East/West Bookshop here in Seattle on June 22nd.

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

A thought for the day!

Life is good. Every day is a blessing. I am blessed. Thank you for your generosity and purpose. Thank you for love!