Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Hello Dear Friends,
What a lovely summer it is here in the Pacific Northwest. We are enjoying the sun. I am working on the final edits for my book about Mohamed Nazmy and his work in Egypt. He is a peace maker who brings people together from the West and the Middle East through his travel company Quest Travel. I began this book in 2010 and it is almost ready for publication. I couldn't have done it without all of the contributions I received through my Indiegogo Campaign and I am so grateful.  Here is a sneak preview of the cover!

I also am preparing for my 6th visit to Egypt since I first went there in 2007.  I'm leading a tour from September 6th through September 20th and I'm getting really excited to return to my heart home! Just thought I 'd share this picture of this powerful statue of Sekhmet, the lion goddess, that stands in her original home within Karnak Temple.  She is full of love and power and courage. Travelers who meet her have stories to tell about what she  has imparted to them. She holds the divine principle of awakening.

I have been busy doing written tree readings for folks who contributed to my Indiegogo Campaign and I have enjoyed seeing how helpful they can be. I tune into a tree, and it has a succinct message for each person I read for.  What a gift that the trees are willing to share with us!

Remember that Lammas, August 1st, is a day of celebration for our first harvests. It is called The Day of the Bread. Take some time out to give gratitude, and count your blessings, and acknowledge what you have  accomplished. Take a moment to give yourself a  pat on the back and to acknowledge yourself.

Sending lots of love and light to each of you, Sharlyn

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