Thursday, October 9, 2014

Home from Egypt

Hello Dear Friends,
I am just home from leading my second tour to Egypt and it was as always, beyond words. I love to see the participants truly change; they feel seen and loved and begin to come from their hearts. We become a family due to Mohamed Nazmy, Emil, Shaker, and all the employees at Quest Travel who take such good care of us. Since there are fewer tourists we had most of the temples to ourselves and were able to do ceremony at each site. The divine truly is alive at these places and the energy exchange is experienced over and over and is profound. I am so grateful to have this opportunity to lead folks to Egypt, and to watch the changes. I love leading ceremony in these sites. So I am happy and thrilled.

I am also happy to be home to the cool and green Pacific Northwest. I am back to work in the final stages in preparing my book for printing about Mr. Nazmy and Quest Travel and his work in Egypt. I began this project in 2010 and so I am so excited to moving towards the actual birth. I will keep you all informed when the book is ready to buy. Thank you for your support and interest and enthusiasm for this project, and for you patience in that it has taken me longer than I had hoped.

It is a beautiful fall day here in Seattle and I am thinking about October 31st and November 1st because they are such important days in the Celtic Wheel of the Year.  Samhain is a day to make connection with the ancestors and those who have passed over. And the Celtic New Year begins on November 1st. It is a day to let go of the year, and clean the slate for the new. Having had some very powerful experiences at the Valley of the Kings on the west bank of Luxor, I feel even more strongly that those, in that other realm, are alive and well and we were meant to converse and communicate. The tombs are really doorways into the light of that other world. I always remember a Ram Dass quote about death, "It's like taking off a tight shoe." I imagine that the spirit freed is quite an amazing experience.

I will let you know more about my teaching schedule that will begin in January after the book is complete and out there in the world. I have some ideas I am getting excited about to share with you.

Sending love and light, Sharlyn

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