Monday, October 30, 2017

Here is a Samhain Meditation for you!

Close your eyes and settle into the darkness. (Turn off the lights.) Think about loved pets, relatives, and friends that have passed over. Send them your love and appreciation. Think of the happy times that you shared. Feel you love and affection for them that you still hold strong in your heart. Long pause….

You may feel them very close to you, just beyond that very thin veil. Do you recognize them? Do they recognize you? Send them your love. They send love back to you. They tell you how much they care about you and appreciate you. Feel this, really take it in.

Hear the meows of your cats and the barks of your dogs. Hear the sounds of the other animals that you have cared for. Can you feel their gratitude?  Know that they are here and that they communicate with you. Are you willing to hear them and listen?  Take a moment with this….

Your relatives and friends are also here and they send you great love. They feel total joy to see you again. Take a moment to greet each one. They may have things they want to say to you in love and support. Take a moment with this….

When you are ready say your good-byes and know that you are never really separated from these souls. Begin to gently come back to the room and ground and center. When you are ready open your eyes.  

Write down your experiences in your journal. Say outloud the names of your loves ones; write them down. Gather together pictures of those that have passed: friends, relatives, and pets. Think about each picture and give your gratitude as you remember. They say that saying the names outloud of those who have crossed the veil keeps them alive!

Blessings to each of you on this Samhain, 2017. May it be full of healing!

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