Thursday, January 25, 2018

January Inights

Can't believe it is January. I am recovering from a serious physical blow because of taking the antibiotic Cipro in May. The side affects are horrible and I am glad that they have placed a black box warning on this drug as it should only be used for a life threatening infection. All floroquinolene antibiotics have a huge risk. Needless to say I have been out of commission, and am just getting back on my feet.

I taught a lovely tarot class at the beginning of the monthand enjoyed it immensely. I just finished a companion book to go with my book The Healing Power of Trees and am waiting to see if it will be picked up for publication. If not I will publish it on my own. Also completed a historical fiction entitled The Daughter of Unas. It is about past lives in Egypt and involves one women's journey to  meet her past and complete her karma. It was fun to write. Can't believe I am done! Now for proof reading and finding a publisher.

I told myself I would finish these two projects before moving on to new things. There is a journey to Ireland in May I am considering. I have wanted very much to get back to the British Isles. Haven't been there since I was 24.

Today I had an interview on Zoom with a lovely woman who lives in Canada who uses my tree meditations. Her name is Sarah Marie Thompson and I so enjoyed talking with her. I was touched to know that my work is helpful to others. Yahoo!

Sending love and light out to each of you. Best, Sharlyn

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