Thursday, May 6, 2021

 May 6, 2021

New Alchemical Healing Arts & Sharlyn Hidalgo


Newsletter #29: Spring 2021

Hello Dear Friends,

It has been a long time since I have written my newsletter. I have been sequestered here at home in Seattle and am now ready to reenter the world again.

My Novel:

I am so happy to announce the debut of my novel: The Pharaoh’s Daughter: A Spiritual Sojourn: The Healing Powers of Past, Present, and Future Lives in Egypt. It is now available on Amazon in either paperback or e-book. I have been working on it through this whole epidemic, and the writing of it has kept me sane. You can see all of my available books by just typing in my name on Amazon or here is the link. Just copy and paste it into your browser.

This is what the back of the book says:

Sara’s obsession begins with her first visit. From there, she embarks on a spiritual journey of renewal that takes her deep into the mysteries of Egypt—and herself—past, present, and future. She does not understand what drives her, but she knows the answers are along the Nile, in the tombs of Saqqara, and on the pages of the Pyramid Texts.

As Sara learns about Egypt’s old dynasties, she is struck by spontaneous visions of a life as Iput, the daughter of the Pharaoh Unas and the initiate priestess of the goddess Hathor. She learns of a sacred scroll, full of revelations, called the Book of Light. Are these dreams? Or memories?

One life time, bleeds in another. Synchronicities, dreams, visions, meditations, and relationships force Sara to reexamine her reality. the farther she falls into Egypt, the more she is pulled away from her secure but staid life in America.  

Would you give up everything to answer questions about your past? Would you leave the world you        know to meet an inexplicable yearning? If you are like Sara, you would follow your heart to discover    the hidden story. Sara’s journey offers illumination not only of her own life, but our world. As the        stories of Sara, her husband Thomas, and her guide Amir bind together through time, we learn of        the healing power of forgiveness and the reality of reincarnation.

Their last adventure together is a wake-up call—a warning that Sekhmet is ready and willing to enact Ra’s threat if we do not find healing, reconciliation, and commitment to join together to heal      and help our planet. As Thomas, Amir, and Sara awaken to a new consciousness, a new way of being    together, and a new life focus, we see that this is a story about our future.

There are actually three stories going on here:

Story One: It is loosely based upon the life of Iput who lived during the Old Kingdom in ancinet Egypt. She was the daughter of Unas, the last 5th Dynastyp pharaoh, and the wife of the pharaoh Teti who becan the 6th Dynasty. If you appreciate the idea of reincarnation, and love Egypt, I think you will enjoy this book

It is a story about a modern-day woman who is called to leave her safe life in the States and seek answers to why she keeps having memories of her past life as the daughter of the pharaoh Unas, as well as an initiate priestess of Hathor at Dendera. Finally determined to investigate these memories, she comes to Egypt to resolve what has now become an obsession. She also discovers that her past life as Iput also involve her guide Amir, and her husband Thomas. In fact, they share three incarnations together: the past, the present, and the future.

This is also a story about the healing power of reconciliation and forgiveness no matter what lifetime the wounding occurs in.

Story Two: Sara’s own healing takes place as she visits the temples along the Nile and at Saqqara and Luxor. She encounters the healing powers of the gods and goddesses, and the temples, sites, and tombs of ancient Egypt.

Story Three: And while all of this is going on, Sara discovers that she has another past life in the far ancient past as a priestess who scribes a scroll hidden for posterity in a cave in Egypt. In it there is information about our true ancestors and how the human race came to be, the value of the Pyramid Texts found at Saqqara in Unas’s and Teti’s tombs, and a final warning for humankind involving the lion goddess Sekhmet.

All of this information comes to her through spontaneous memories, visions, dreams, and meditations and is verified by the experiences that her guide and husband have. The outcome is surprising even to me as I wrote this novel, which I have been working for since 2010 and I am absolutely thrilled that its birth is approaching.

Launch News and a Special Offering for You

I hope you will enjoy this book. If you choose to buy it, and if you like it, I would like to ask you if you would be willing to write a review for me on Amazon. If you are willing to do so, I would like to thank you for buying and reviewing my book with a tree reading or tarot reading. The tree reading, I can write out and email to you, and  the tarot we could do via Zoom, Your choice. Just let me know when you have completed the review and a way to contact you. I am at

My Other Projects:

I have spent my time writing, writing, and writing. So, I am finally getting my projects completed. I just finished my third book on the Celtic tree alphabet and Llewellyn has agreed to publish it. It is called The Last Ten Ogham of the Celtic Tree Alphabet. It will be out in the fall of 2021. So that is great news. I am happy with my work and with these teachings and feel that this is my final book on the subject.

In the meantime, I have created my own collage tarot cards and have written up what I have discovered about them in the thirty or so years that I have been reading them. I have finally created all 72 cards. This has been a lovely creative project and it had helped me to say sane in these rather insane times.

In the background comes another book about conversations with beings that live in a parallel yet safe magical universe. Unicorns, dragons, fairies, giants, elves and nomes, as well as the little forest creatures and birds—have been willing to share their wisdom. I always feel renewed when I take the time to tune in to these beings. More to come later about this new work…

A Question:

I get a lot of questions about which are the correct dates to follow in the Celtic tree calendar. There are actually two versions of this calendar, the Beth-Luis-Nuin version which begins On January 24th, close to the Winter Solstice, and the Beth-Luis-Fearn version which begins on the day at Samhain, November 1st.  Besides starting at different points in the turning of the wheel, they also have a different order.

I use the Samhain Beth-Luis-Fearn version myself. But if you are more familiar with the version that begins in January, and you want to figure out which is your birth tree, you can choose either version and choose the tree that feels more like you or you can opt to have two birth trees. One way to look at that you can have the support of two special trees. I don’t think you can say one is wrong and one is right. After all the calendar is a modern adaption of what we know about the alphabet and its use, and we have very little actual information available to us because the Celts did not write down their wisdom, and they passed it on by rote memorization and word of mouth.

And many folks do not match a tree to a date but follow the teachings. I think you just has to follow your own intuition here and use the calendar that works for you or let go of the timing all together.


As for The Trees:

We are now working with Oak month, and then with the protective Holly. She is all about justice, equanimity, balance, and working with duality. Think the twins, and Gemini.

I always take my books out and reread the sections to remind me of their teachings. Perhaps you will want to do the same.

I also think about the teachings of the Aspen and the Poplar because we are going through such difficult times and we don’t know how things are going to turn out. These two trees represent the 19th ogham of the alphabet, Eadha and the vowel E. Their teaching is all about how to deal with adversity. They teach patience, endurance, and remind us that all cycles gradually return to begin a new cycle. All situations have a beginning and an end.

This feels like the teaching we need right now. I come up against so many different emotions and I am sure you do too. Sometimes I face boredom. I feel sadness and deep sorrow, grief and despair for all of us. I am fearful about the future. Some days more than others I feel frustration, irritation and rage. Loneliness.

Some days I am hopeful and creative. Other days I find I am discouraged, distracted, and unable to do much. I think the best approach is to accept all of these feelings and be kind to yourself as you move from moment to moment.

Aspen and Poplar offer a strong sense of perseverance, courage, strength, and resolve. Success and victory are promised. Listen to the messages from the leaves of these trees as the wind moves through them. If you are having a lot of fear, go sit and place your back against one of these trees. You will be stabilized and strengthened.

I am glad that the planet is getting some time to renew itself. Taking a vacation from humans. The animals seem to really be enjoying it.

Thank you:

That’s it from my corner of the world. Would love to hear back from you as to how you are doing. Stay strong out there and cultivate patience. I know this hasn’t been a virtue that is supported much in our busy rat race culture. But now perhaps it will be. Be kind to yourself when you are having strong emotions and feel that you can’t cope, go back to deep breathing. This will pass like storms do and try not to judge your entire life on a bad moment. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your support and interest. Maybe I will begin classes again on Zoom once I get this launch complete. Thank you for your support in advance! Writing saved my life this last year, and I am grateful that I am able to share these writings with you.

 I wish you peace and health and joy. Sending My Best, Sharlyn


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