Saturday, October 31, 2020

Samhain, 2020: Just a quick note. Can't wait until the election is over!!! I am voting for Biden and Harris.

Stil locked down in Seattle ... since March. Yet still willing to social distance and wear a face mask and continue to wash my hands. Still it is not easy. I miss hugs and visits.

My new novel will be out in December on Amazon. It is called The Pharaoh's Daughter: A Spiritual Sojourn - The Healing Power of Past, Present, and Future Lives in Egypt. I am excited to get this out and am in the last stages of publishing. People who have previewed it have liked it a lot.  Their kind words have made me happy.

Another book about the last 10 ogham of the Celtic Tree Alphabet will be out in the spring. Glad that Llewellyn will publish this. 

Sending love out to all of you and thank you again for your support. Sharlyn


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  2. Sharlyn, I purchased your Celtic Tree Oracle deck a couple years ago. I love it! I am interested in understanding why the trees, in correspondence with the dates you've listed, are different from the ones I see listed in other books and online. Is there a resource you can share, which can explain this more in depth? Is it based on a date of conception? Or does it use a different calendar? Thank you for your time.