Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Hello Dear Friends,
Spring is upon us and I am glad for the return of the sun. Everything here in Seattle is blooming. It is a delight to see all of the new growth, and interact with the beauty all around me.  Happy spring to each of you!

I have been preparing another book for publishing so it has been awesome to come full circle to the 25 ogham of the Celtic Tree Alphabet. I have created ceremonies and stories for the first 15 ogham which is referred to as the Celtic Tree Calendar. I have also been working on the last 10 ogham which usually aren't included in the calendar.

The stories are full of the healing that has come to me through my connections and communications with the unseen realm and the Otherworld, that place of mystery. I am happy to demonstrate through my stories that the love and healing from these mysterious realms is real and available.

The ancient people of the British Isles knew this. And so their teachings, mythology, and lore are full of stories of interactions with ancestors, their beloved dead, and totems, guides, and gods and goddesses. The veil between the world is thin, and there is help and support and guidance if we but ask.  This is why I love working with the Celtic Tree teachings.

With the Turning of the Wheel we have embraced Imbolc on February 1st and the Spring Equinox/ Ostara on March 20th this year.  We show our gratitude to the Imbolc goddess Brigid and the Willow tree, and the fertility goddess of Ostara and the Ash and Hawthorn. I am looking forward to Beltane on May 1st. Here we will honor the maiden goddesses of spring and the steady Oak. The maiden and mother goddesses are all sending love, prosperity, and abundance as we approach the news growing season. Can you find a Willow, Ash, Hawthorn, or Oak in your neighborhood? Get outside and say hello.

The Ohn/ Furze or Gorse, the Ur/ Healther/ Mistletoe, and the Uilleand/ Honeysuckle all come forward to be honored at this time of year as well. They add beauty, fragrance, and color to our world and offer hopefulness, healing, and light. Get outside and take a look. See if you can find them growing in your neighborhood.

It has been a dark cold winter and the news and political situation has been just as dark and cold. The sun returning brings in the light and inspiration and I for one need it desperately this year.  I invite in healing and unity consciousness. I let go of my need to judge and hate. I invoke the beauty of the buds and flowers and  the bees and the birds. I forgive myself and others. My prayer and intention is to begin a new with a clean slate of loving intention. I bring my presence to each situation, to each person, to each day....

I offer to you a loving and supportive day. I send you kindness and compassion. I am grateful that my work offers you something meaningful. I find so much strength and steadiness in the teachings of the trees. I find them so very sturdy and constant and yet adaptive.  I try to be the same.

On that note, I end my spring hello. Another year of promise. It is time to plant those seeds to create good, sweetness, community, beauty, and love. Be
mindful of what you are creating with your thoughts, your feelings, and your choices.  Keep rising towards the light. Give your gratitude. Write a poem, sing a song, take a walk, smile at a stranger, and express your joy. You are magnificent and were created to create.

Sending you each much love and light, Sharlyn


  1. The dates in your book celtic tree oracle do not coinside with other information i have read. Which is correct? The calendars start at different times of the year which throws off the whole calendar

    1. I use a moon calendar. Some use a solar calendar which gives different dates. You probably have been using a solar way of identifying the trees. Neither are right or wrong. You have to decide for yourself.