Thursday, October 31, 2019

Samhain, 2019, Seattle: It is a crisp cold day here in the northwest and a perfect dry day for Halloween trick or treaters. I had the honor last Monday, of running a ceremony for this last holiday as we travel through the Wheel of the Year and we honored our ancestors, and our recent loved ones and pets that have crossed the veil. We were surprised to find those on the other side eager to celebrate with us. They were full of dance and song and joy. No drab, sullen, or dark energies. Just the fun of all getting together! That was a lovely surprise.

Tomorrow begins the Celtic New Year. November begins the portal of the Birch and new beginnings. Let go of what was, and open to the new.  No regrets. Self forgiveness. Time to move forward with gratitude.

Just announcing that I will be starting another year's teaching of the Celtic Trees beginning on November 18th here in Seattle. Let me know if you are interested and are in the area.

Sending love and joy to all of you on this most blessed day! Sharlyn

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